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CGJ is a team of highly experienced engineers, business managers and consultants that are passionate about uncovering value for our clients. 



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  Consulting Group of Jocassee

Executives and management grapple with keeping their business afloat, managing costs, navigating risk and achieving sustainable growth. 

We have experience with over 200 clients in 19 countries and
draw upon our 25+ years of direct front-line experience, industry knowledge and unique access to industry specialists to empower our clients with data driven solutions. 

The Consulting Group of Jocassee  partners with CapRock Global Solutions and together offer a broad range of services with Jocassee Services  and  CapRock Global Solutions. 

Jocassee Services: Challenges our clients face may seem insurmountable and incredibly difficult to achieve. There is no substitute for knowing an industry. The heart of our core competence is our deep industry knowledge with strong functional capabilities leading fast-paced positive change.  The focus of Jocassee Services is to support clients of small and large corporations with organization assessments, business evaluations, developing and implementing plans and schedules for major changes..  Jocassee's capabilities support a broad range of organizations from complex multi-layered projects across business units to more straight forward operations as well as greenfield start-ups.

CapRock Global Solutions: Improving the overall health of your company and achieving sustainable and realistic gains in the ball park of 20-35% is within reach.  The CapRock Global Solutions core focus is on incremental improvements and achieving the next level of performance and productivity gains through data driven solutions.  Specifically, deploying Industrial Engineering, Lean Six Sigma and Management Consulting services that focuses on human resources, processes, workflow, systems, equipment, layout and software tools.  CapRock’s data driven solutions enable our clients to improve quality, increase productivity, lower costs, reduce lead times, minimize product and service life cycles and become more competitive in the marketplace. To learn more about CapRock Global Solutions click here.







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