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Strategic Business Plan/Cases

We each have over 20 years’ experience in developing Business Plans and Cases.  Our experience ranges from Annual Plans to Long Term Strategic Plans.  We are experienced in developing plans for Senior Management as well as Financial Institutions.   We span both Strategic and Tactical requirements and blend them together as required for a comprehensive plan you can use, not just put on the shelf. 

CGJ uses a 6 point program to develop strategic plans.  We step through the process to insure that a true representation of ‘as is’ converts into ‘will become’.

1.Understand where the company is today

  a. Financial

  b. Performance

  c  Strong points

  d. Weak Points

  e. Assets

  f. Liabilities

2.Understand where the company wants to go

  a. Metrics

  b. Financial

  c. Personnel

  d. Growth

3. Perform a gap analysis in each area

  a. What is the potential upside of today

  b. How do we increase the upside to what is needed

  c. What needs to be added

  d.What needs to be reviewed for ‘asset conversion’

4. Put together a plan to reduce gap

  a. What steps are going to be require

        i. By major business segment

    ii.By financial slice

5. Complete the strategic plan with supporting financial projections

6 Educate Management on what needs to be done and help them understand the first X steps to be taken

Some of our history follows:

HP / Compaq merger

        Responsible for the overall Program Management of the  Compaq/HP Integration Plan for Supply Chain.

  Identified over 1.1b$ in potential savings

  Established the supply chain Clean Room, to facilitate the    planning process, pre-merger

  Created a milestone plan and processes to capture the savings post merger

Compaq / DEC merger

       Integration of European plans

       Product integration

       Plant integration

ATT / NCR Supply Chain merger

      ATT Plant closure

      Movement of 12 product lines

      Shrinkage of inventory

ATT Wireless FWS Supply Chain Green Field start up 

       Write us and ask for our case study on implementing an ERP System in 6 weeks.  We believe that this is still a standing record for rapid implementation

       We developed a US Patent for Vendor Managed Inventory.  Then we got it programmed and implemented 16 Distribution Centers.  Write us and ask for this amazing case study.

ATT GIS Re-Engineering of Order Taking and Product Delivery

        Reduce costs by 25%

        Reduce time by 75%

        Increase customer satisfaction by 10%

7 Oaks Pharmaceutical

        Short term survival plan

        Long term profit plan

        Marketing strategy

One of the Worlds Largest Retailer

        Measured by one of the Worlds Largest

Retailer Management to be 600% more efficient than IBM Consulting, Cap Gemini Ernst Young, Fluor and Raytheon

     Engineering evaluation of all Distribution Centers

Perception Kayak Turnaround

        Process redefinition

        Personnel work cycle management

        Operations and Marketing Re-Engineering

Monydata acquisition in Brazil and transformation to NCR Product lines

        Supply Chain redefinition

        Product line merger

        Order Management incorporation

        Incentive management of suppliers



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