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  Transportation and Location Analysis

We have experience with over 200 clients in 19 countries and draw upon our 25+ years of direct front-line experience, industry knowledge and unique access to industry specialists to empower our clients with data driven solutions. 

The Consulting Group of Jocassee offers a broad range of services with Jocassee Services  and  CapRock Global Solutions. 


With our approach to Location modeling we will help you sort through the details to answer these very important questions:


- How many distribution centers should be operated?


- Where should the DC’s be located?


- How large should each facility be?


- What inventory should reside in each?


- Which customers should be serviced from each DC?


- What port(s) of entry and transportation mode(s) should be leveraged?

We help you find the balance among key performance metrics and cost:

transportation vs. inventory costs to come to the right solution.


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