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CGJ is a team of highly experienced engineers, business managers and consultants that are passionate about uncovering value for our clients. 



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Operations and Management Turn Around

-Strategic Planning: We span both Strategic and Tactical requirements and blend them together as required for a comprehensive plan you can use, not just put on the shelf.  Read More

-Turn Around Management:  All of our projects have a common thread that can be applied to any industry and any situation. The process of the turnaround is the same, no matter the project. We use a 9 point program to give you the best opportunity for success. Read More 

Supply Chain

We have extensive experience with all phases of the "Plan- Source- Make- Deliver- functions of the supply chain.  Our experience is based on system ownership. We have in-hours personnel who have had end-to-end responsibility for Supply Chain and we leverage our experience to support your project.  Read more by clicking on one of the following.


  1. Plan
  2. Source
  3. Make
  4. Deliver
  5. Accounting
Supply Chain Engineering


Modeled after President Reagan’s Grace Commission, we seek to determine how government can be more productive, efficient and cost effective while providing quality service. Our experience includes Review of Management, Accountabilities and Practices / Performance of these for opportunities of collaboration and fiduciary improvement. Read more by clicking here


Effectiveness Re-Engineering

Most businesses believe that they are operating efficiently well to stay in business.  However, they are also surprised to find out that they are in trouble from their competition.  We believe that these surprises can be managed through,  We can measure how you stack up against your potential.  Read more by clicking on one of the following below.

  1. Clean Room

  2. Lean Manufacturing

  3. Business Re-Engineering

  4. Equipment Re-engineering

  5. Maintenance

  6. Re-layout



Our observation is that very few organizations know their true Overall Resource Effectivity.  We have experience in calculating the measurement and interpreting the results.  This usually leads to new insights on how profit margins can be improved.    Read more by clicking on one of the following below.

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