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CGJ is a team of highly experienced engineers, business managers and consultants that are passionate about uncovering value for our clients. 




The Jocassee Team Leaders



Steve Gravely


Mr. Gravely graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Industrial Engineering. He has been responsible for the start-up of 25 manufacturing plants around the world and over 300 new product introductions for large corporations such as Michelin, AT&T, Wal-Mart, Toyota, and General Motors. Formerly a Director of Operations for AT&T's Global Information Solutions, he was responsible for operation of manufacturing facilities in Brazil, and a high level corporate acquisition team. He brings special expertise in project management of complex multi-layered projects across business units, such as leading the Wal-Mart Y2K project. He has completed organization assessments and business evaluations of small and large corporations, and developed implementation plans and schedules for major changes and start-ups. He owns the computer industry record for computer R&D Development by designing, testing, and delivering a new PC in just 8 weeks. He has broad international experience and speaks French having lived in France, Brazil and the Far East.

Richard Brockman

Mr. Brockman graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Business and has more than 22 yrs of experience with supply chain operations across the Plan-Source-Make-Deliver functions. He has broad experiences in strategic, tactical and financial areas in large corporations as well as green field startups, managing complex projects and operations. Most recently he was Director of Demand and Supply Alignment for AT&T Fixed Wireless, a Joint Venture of AT&T and AT&T Wireless, where he designed the full stream inventory operating model, including IT systems, replenishment model, supply-demand forecasting, Master Schedule, order management and logistics systems, and inventory systems. He also led change management systems, developed and managed returns and repairs systems, and field inventory systems. He brings special expertise with implementation of ERP systems as he holds the company record for an installation of QAD’s MFG PRO in just 6 weeks, versus a normal 12-18 month project time frame. He received an award from QAD even though he does not work for them.

Dennis Davenport

Mr. Davenport graduated with Distinction from Iowa State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering, and received an MBA in Production and Operations Management from Wichita State University.  He has more than 30 years experience in supply chain management, product development, manufacturing operations, supplier management, quality, and business strategy. He has held a broad set of executive level positions in companies ranging in size from start-up organizations to very large international corporations, leading worldwide supply chain deployments. Industries served include retail, financial, commercial, industrial, telecommunications, and government. Most recently he was Vice President of Supply Chain Operations for AT&T Fixed Wireless, a Joint Venture of AT&T and AT&T Wireless, where he created and led the end-to-end Supply Chain operations managing a $150M annual material flow. Previously he managed the supply chain operations of NCR's largest revenue-producing businesses in Europe and the U.S. Currently he is a Malcom Baldrige examiner. 

Denny Long

Mr. Long received a Masters in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. He also received a BS in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MS in Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He has over 20 years experience with building businesses, organization design, and executive coaching. His specialized skills are with serving as a business advisor and change agent to drive the strategy and vision. Most recently he was HR Director for a start-up business that grew to 1,200 employees in 10 states, where he recruited senior management, and designed the organization, management structure, and outsourcing model for over 2,000 jobs. He has held a broad set of positions with small start-ups and large corporations, including McCaw Cellular Communications, Polymer International (Biotech), AT&T Fixed Wireless, and Weyerhaeuser.

Key Contributor Project Leads


Ken has over 25 years experience in project management relating to manufacturing and distribution. With Design, build and installation of manufacturing systems and equipment, machine design, creation of maintenance procedures, manufacturing consulting services, implementation of “lean” principles, analysis of manufacturing processes, specification and implementation of control systems, written machinery standards and specifications, plant layout and design, runoff and machine qualifications, Ken has extensive expertise. He has logged more than 30,000 hours at a CAD terminal, both in 2D and 3D work.

Ken designed, developed and registered patents on two automation devices for Brother International. These devices were produced and sold. The ability to design as well as "industrial harden" a prototype device for mass production is a key skill.

Ken is a "Lean Manufacturing" consultant expert while working with Fluor for more than 10 years total.

Ken has also performed plant layouts including machine design and installation for Ford, GM, Toyota, Mack Truck, Proctor & Gamble, Frito Lay, Ralston Foods, Kraft Foods, Phelps Dodge Corp., Gulf Chemical Corp., Cognis Chemical and others.

He also worked for Litton Industrial Automation and Black & Decker’s Quickset Lock  in the design many types of conveyor systems included Box and Parcel, high speed sortation loops, palletizers, Power and Free, chain on edge, bulk belts , carton machines and loaders. Both these projects were warehouse/distribution center oriented where  "Bag in a Box" equipment and many types of weigh feeders, baggers and bar code readers for utilized for greater productivity.


Terry is a highly accomplished Supply Chain Practitioner with over 28 years experience with all facets of Supply Chain Management activities for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service organizations.  

His keen business sense and leadership have been instrumental in helping organizations address their Supply Chain challenges with the proper processes, tools, and focus necessary to support growth and change


His “hands on” Supply Chain Operations background includes: individual contributor, leadership, and consulting roles for “Start Up” and “Industry leaders” in the following sectors:

  • Industrial and Consumer Goods & Service, 
  • Aerospace,
  • Computer (Hardware & Software),
  • Wireless telephony,
  • Medical (Drug & Device),
  • High Tech,

Terry possesses highly developed skills and expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Strategic & Tactical Planning and Demand Forecasting,
  • Master Scheduling,
  • Production & Inventory Control Planning,
  • Materials & Warehouse Management,
  • Purchasing,
  • Management reporting


Terry has massive experience in different business growth stage Turn around

  • Created and implemented a semi automated spread sheet planning system to identify material requirements. 
  • Designed and implemented robust Asset Disposal, Transaction Processing, Inventory Management, Cycle Count and Reconciliation processes that moved inventory accuracy from 83% to 99.99%.
  • Coordinated the Outsourcing of the customer fulfillment operations to a third party
  • Created and implemented a consumption based and self correcting Inventory Replenishment model, to calculate optimum replenishment volumes and flag inventory disconnect
  • Recognized by Top Executives for supply chain contributions, improvements, and as a driving force that resulted in their customer selecting our customer to lead an industry wide Process Improvement Program for the top ten national providers

 Start up

  • Owner and creator of MPS, MRP, Returns, Build Plan Creation, Cycle Count and Reconciliation, Transaction processes
  • Revamped processes and refocused a materials team of four that improved inventory accuracy levels from 85.2% to 99.98%
  • Developed an enterprise wide capacity management model used as the control gate to identify planning gaps and disconnects
  • Was key player in implementing a full stream inventory model to support VMI activities



  • Created and managed the allocation process for products and components
  • Enhanced the sales forecasting process to include product transitions, channel clearance, EOL (Life Cycle management), and configure to order requirements.
  • Developed and standardized the NPI (New Products Introduction) Process.
  • Managed the planning and purchasing activities for 10,000 SKUs   

Terry holds a BBA degree (Cum Laude) from National University


Steve is an experienced senior Director of Product Management/Marketing and Vice President of Computer R&D for NCR/AT&T who has been responsible for High Tech product line development.  In this capacity, Steve was responsible for Market Analysis, Product Line Life Cycle Planning, Product Cost which included  profitability and return on investment.  Steve knows all aspects of Product Line Development, Engineering, Product Development, Product Testing, as well as Product Quality and Product Certification. Steve and his engineering team received several computer design awards from the COMDEX Computer show including the first multiprocessor.

Steve has also been an Owner Operator of a residential construction company that did both speculation and build on lot construction of custom homes. 
He is very familiar with water front as well as subdivision and raw land development.  Steve has been involved with local government / City council Planning and Zoning for 8 years, giving him deep inside information on building requirements and restrictions.

Steve has also done cooling towers, fire protection, and water purification for large utilities.  Steve also has experience with temporary power and lighting at very large construction sites. Steve has a Masters in EE from Clemson University and the University of Cincinnati.


Vince knows computer systems and databases.  For AT&T, Vince was engaged as project leader for the selection and implementation of a replacement software package for all overseas operations (non-US) related to finance and distribution activities. Vince then recruited and led the team responsible for customization and deployment of the system around the globe. This project involved a team of 20 members supporting 25+ countries, and was completed within 18 months.  Vince oversaw many technical and organizational challenges during the course of this assignment. For this project Vince was presented the first ‘Rapid Achiever Award’ and featured in their case studies portfolio 

Faced with a unique project AT&T were under extreme deadlines to open a new manufacturing facility in Redmond, Washington. Time constraints dictated the need for a full ERP system within 90 days. Furthermore the project had to be conducted in complete secrecy. Vince was asked to provide a team to accomplish this task. With a small three-person team an ERP system was installed and fully functional within six weeks.  

Vince was asked by Bimeda to develop and deploy systems, using the latest web-enabled capabilities. He currently supports European operations in Ireland and the UK, and North American operations in Toronto, Minneapolis and Kansas City. Varieties of user interface are used depending on local requirements and resources, ranging from character to web-enabled. Various enhancements have been added in order to satisfy some of the unique requirements in the pharmaceutical arena.




 Gary - Characteristics that best identify what Gary offers to Industry are aggressive drive, hands-on engineering and versatile experience. He owns five patents ranging from machine design to Medical Devices. He likes a challenge.   He enjoys engineering, and gets great satisfaction in seeing projects implemented so the client company that uses his services can become more competitive in their respective business. Gary’s versatile education and experience allows him to design and layout a company, design and put into operation new equipment not available on the market, control the operation of the machinery using programmed controlled devices, layout of equipment, set up the processes and procedures using the most advanced Lean Engineering Techniques, complete a Reliability Centered Maintenance program, and organize the objectives through an updated Management Planning Program.  Gary is never happy with Status Quo.   He likes to see progress, and enjoys being in the middle of it. 

  • Sat on the OSHA board for over three years and is highly literate in Process Safety Management.
  • Improved a conveying system at a car manufacturing plant located in Michigan that saved the company approximately 19 million dollars per year, with a total investment of less than 1 million.
  • Designed a program at a Fiber Optic Cable company in Georgia that would save the company 28 million dollars per year, with an investment of less than one million dollars.
  • Helped engineer the design and start up of a Milliken Carpet plant in LaGrange, Georgia that was operational in 5 months, after starting with burned down plant in March of 1995. This required structural design, plant layout, and the design of 4 major machines that were not available for purchase anywhere in the world.
  • Five US Patents on machines and devices designed.
  • Helped save a company in North Carolina approximately 4 million dollars in operating costs per year, by implementing Lean Manufacturing.
  • Assisted in implementing Lean Manufacturing in an Automotive Brake Manufacturer located in Michigan, which saved the company approximately 2 million dollars per year in operating costs. This allowed the company to stay in business. This effort also allowed manufacturing potential to jump up from 15 to 92% in the various work cells. Also, a decrease in material handling by 23% and elimination of 97 % of all causes of line downtime greater than 20 seconds.
  • Completed successfully projects in automotive, wire and cable, plastics parts manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, glass manufacturing, textile manufacturing, wood parts, motor and control manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, heat exchanger pressure vessel manufacturing, metal components manufacturing, and high-speed small parts assembly. Gary is a Georgia Tech grad with degrees in both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


Larry - provides solutions to a variety of markets such as Transportation, Health Care, and Financial Services. 

His financial industry experience includes investment management, wholesale banking, retail banking, and item processing operations.  He is the principal architect of a Transportation billing/customer service system and has consulted extensively in the Health Care (practice management, billing & remittance, pathology lab management/testing & reporting) and Manufacturing industries (build to spec, build to stock, inventory management, manufacturing and engineering Bills, shop floor, et al).

Through his career Larry has held executive positions, including product management, marketing, and P/L responsibility for systems and applications marketed worldwide.  These roles have included design, development, installation, and on-site customer support in the US, Europe, Africa, and Australia.  These efforts have typically included meeting custom requirements and include major projects in excess of 200 man-years.

A core component of his strategic business and technology planning consulting activities, Larry performs due diligence on behalf of investors or acquiring entities typically evaluating the market potential and the technology capabilities of products and/or companies as wide ranging as gift cards, B2B enterprise environments, middleware technology and scientific instrumentation (mass spectrometry). 

Major projects have included reengineering the Back Office IT infrastructure of a $300 million plus services provider that reduced customer service transaction costs from $44 to under $5.  The company successfully completed development and implementation of a billing service, which collects fax images and automates invoice creation/mailing for Trucking companies nationwide.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) components are used to automate data entry.  Customer Service functions were provided through flexible, electronic file cabinet capabilities.  Users of this service see unbilled receivable times reduced from 7 days to same day invoicing, and see their transaction costs reduced by $10 or more.

Larry has designed and implemented systems, including imaging, for a wide variety of documents, applications, and industries. They include such now common applications as check processing, image statements, remittance processing, sales draft processing, wholesale/retail Lockbox services, and billing systems.These solutions range in scope from a few items up to 2.5 million documents per day.Many have high volume, high quality data entry requirements using transports/scanners rated in excess of 1000 documents per minute. These systems typically include sophisticated requirements to automatically recognize hand printing (e.g. check courtesy amounts), marks recognition, and all forms of machine print, including difficult characters printed with typewriter fonts.          Larry has recently completed a 3-year project imaging in excess of 2 million documents, OCR, format conversion and archiving to CD-ROM for the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation (FDIC).


Franz has Mechanical Engineering expertise and experience to design the proper environment you need. He is an HVAC and Clean Room design expert, having designed 18 Clean Rooms thus far in his career.  His background also includes energy audits, maintenance and process corrections and improvements. His energy audits have led to savings as high as $7MM for Ford operations in the US and Europe. He has developed proprietary 40 page energy audit process over the past 20 years. Franz has an ME degree from his native Austria. 


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